Runaway Slave

I need your help to take advantage of this incredible hour in history.

As a runaway slave, I have felt the wrath of others who feel I have sold out. And in a way I have: I have sold out to the conservative principles that make the United States the greatest of nations.

CL BryantWill you join me in selling out? Specifically, we have to sell out movie theaters to get RUNAWAY SLAVE where it needs to be: in cities across the nation.

Conservatives like you are rallying around this movie. Even liberals enjoy this movie ... if they're willing to actually think about what and why they believe. But we need your help to spread the word from sea to shining sea.

We need YOU to mobilize likeminded moviegoers to bring RUNAWAY SLAVE to your city. My challenge to you is to ...

Check Partner with key networks or groups in your city
Check Mobilize 1,100 people to see RUNAWAY SLAVE the first weekend the movie shows in your town (that's less than 400 people a day—find different groups to own each day)
Check Watch and share the trailer—at
Check Like our Facebook page (
Check Follow us on Twitter (@arunawayslave)
Check Contact us at so we can work to bring the movie to your city!

There will never be a better time than now to stem the tide. But this is no easy task.

I need people who will step up.

I need people who will fight.

I need people who will run ... run harder ... and not stop running until we are all FREE!

Are you ready to bring RUNAWAY SLAVE to your city? The time is at hand.

Rev. C.L. Bryant

Start running by requesting more information at:


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