Runaway Slave

Bring Runaway Slave To Your Town!

We hope to bring the powerful message of RUNAWAY SLAVE to every city this year, but we can't do it without your help!

If your city isn't on the theater list on our website, don't give up hope! Here are a few ways you can help to bring the film to your town:
  1. Call, Tweet and Facebook your favorite local and national talk show hosts and ask them to help build excitement and book an interview with CL Bryant or someone from the film. Local Talk Shows have been key in our theater success.
  2. Share the trailer to the movie with your friends, your church, your local politicians.
  3. Post the trailer on your blog, Facebook page and twitter feeds. Hashtag #RunawaySlave
We want to spread the essential message of RUNAWAY SLAVE with everyone before the election this fall. We believe that our best advertising is people like you, sharing the trailer and the film with people you know.

Make sure you are connected with RUNAWAY SLAVE:
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